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Product Detail

A new, accurate and easy-to-use solution for accurate scribe measurements to avoid costs associated with drilling inaccuracy.


With your purchase, you'll receive your patented ACCUSCRIBE rental kit plus 1 month of software license usage.  If you need to purchase additional months, please CLICK HERE to get in touch with someone on available options. 


In a single carrying case, your rental kit will include step-by-step instructions and three (3) integrated components:

1) Sturdy and lightweight smart LEDs that act as targeting system for software

2) User Device that includes pre-installed application with easy, step-by-step instructions that records every step of the process in calculating external offset measurements and muleshoe alignment.  The software included on device will allow the user to quickly share operations information with drilling team.  

3) Camera mount to work in conjunction with LED to calculate scribe with accuracy.


CLICK HERE to access our Training Videos.


Includes: Activation + 1 Month Software License


For U.S. Quotes:

For International Quotes:

Shipping Instruction

Please email the below details to prior to the shipment of your ACCUSCRIBE kit:

1. Shipping Address

2. Point of Contact at Location including Name, Email, Phone

3. Secondary Point of Contact at Location (if applicable) including Name, Email, Phone

4. Rig Number

5. Well Name and Number

6. AFE Number

7. API Number

Kit Return Instructions

Once you have completed use of your AccuScribe kit, return within five (5) business days to the below address:

Return Address: 15995 N. Barkers Landing Rd. Ste 307
Houston, Texas 77079

Following a review of the condition of equipment, the following fees may apply:

Excellent: The unit is return in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition and is free of any mechanical issues.

Fees: $0

Fair: The unit is returned with some repairable mechanical and/or cosmetic defects and free of any major mechanical problems.

Fees: Per contract.

DBR: The unit is returned with major mechanical problems and/or cosmetic defects that result in the kit being deemed as DBR, or damaged beyond repair, and requires complete replacement of kit.

Fees: Per contract.

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